Wild Women ARISE Experience
A 7 Month Initiation into the Fierce Feminine
Our world today is desperately calling out for a return of Wild Women:

Women who are untamed and tapped in wholly to their deepest passions, joy and heartbreaks.
Women who sparkle with the radiance of a life well-lived on their own terms.

Women who are living from the deep stirrings of their soul.
Women who feel fully & allow that to inform each moment and choice they make in their lives.
Women who are no longer SILENT, but instead living from and speaking their raw, authentic truth (often & loudly).
Women who are birthing their fierce LOVE into action in the world in service of the greater good.
Women connected to their instinctive selves & the natural world through their cycles & rhythms.
Women who have returned to the Earth and her wild ways.
Women who have soulfully reclaimed their true nature and wish to share it.
Women who are no longer playing by society’s rules or the limitations of the patriarchy.
Women who are redefining what it means to be strong, Feminine and FREE.
Women who resist, who stand up, who stand out, who say NO to injustice.
Women who continually show up with ferocity & protect what they love most, especially their own time.
Women who speak truth to power and don't back down to those that try to tame them.
Women who are wildly liberated from the habits and expectations of life, & the status quo.
Women pulsing with aliveness and pure life force creative energy.

Women who are not holding back any longer for fear of being shamed, bullied, or even burned.
Women who are tapped into their Fierce Feminine Fire within and not afraid to show it.

Do You Feel the Call Too, Sister?
This (R)evolutionary Program is:
Part High Priestess Healing Temple
Part Deep Dive into Wild & Ancient Earth Based Wisdom
Part Sacred Mastermind to Activate Your Innate Power

Imagine having an incubator-womb space in which to tap into your innate Fierce Feminine power, fulfill your soul’s deepest longings, & step more fully into your embodied leadership potential... A place to come together to pray, heal, bless and be blessed, to learn, share and celebrate the sacred mysteries... A sanctuary to release all that no longer serves you so you can enter into a whole new depth of relationship & reverence with your body, your work in the world & life itself. Fierce sisterhood is a non-negotiable now. We need consistent, foundational support for these turbulent times we’re in. This is a circle of sisters acting as catalysts, witnesses and midwives for each other’s growth on the path of individuation to meet that need. Welcome to the Wild Women ARISE Experience, sister! Especially if you’ve been told you’re too much, not enough, or relentlessly shamed all of your life - the invitation now is to join us & be unapologetically YOU!

Earth Angels, Goddesses, Priestesses, Light Workers & Badass Witchy Babes:


Fierce Wisdom
We have forgotten our power. We will gain wisdom from fierce Goddesses throughout the ages & traditions, courageous and fiery animals that roam the planet, and crystal energies from the earth to inform our journey together to remember & re-activate our Power.
Fierce Sisterhood

Be embraced by a close knit group of sacred sisters that will champion you, cheer you on, support you and be a reflection and constant reminder of the Divine within you and your blazing bright light. Come be seen, loved unconditionally, known, accepted, and celebrated for the truth of who you are. 

Fierce Wildness
It's time to reconnect with the natural, the primal, the instinctual, It's time to untame and reclaim all the aspects of ourselves that have been shamed, hidden and tamped down so we can unleash our full soul expression & powerful medicine in the world, Sparkling SHAMELESSLY.
Fierce Creativity

Enter into a holy space to create and give birth to new life, tapping into the wild primal source creativity that surges through you & the seat of power in between your hips, harnessing it for the good of all.  Live into your full potential in the world by delivering your deep gifts to meet the world's deep needs.

Fierce Alchemy
BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world by doing the necessary inner work on yourself.  Deep dive within and get to know yourself intimately so you harness and deliver your unique #SOULSPARKLE. Personal (R)evolution = Societal Evolution.
Fierce Healing
Heal from all the ways of being that no longer serve you or the highest good so you can return to wholeness and help heal the global heart. Shift on all levels, including spiritual, emotional, physical, energetic and more. It's time to THRIVE, sister!
Fierce Aliveness
Allow your soul to throb with aliveness! Enhance your creative capacities, sexual energy, connection with your body, knowledge of ancient women’s ways, and ability to show up for your sacred work in the world. Get fully lit up & willing to show it!
Fierce Purpose
Leave with a sense of clarity and conviction around your sacred work in the world, fueled by power, fire, ferocity and direction.  Finally step into your deepest gifts and authentic soul expression in service to those who need you most
Fierce Embodiment
Forge a deep & lasting connection with your sacred vessel and her innate rhythms & cycles. Learn how to nourish her holistically on the journey to becoming a pure channel of Wild Divinity & Love in this world. Come be the presence of LOVE itself, embodied in your powerful leadership.

Humanity can no longer fly with only one wing. We need the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine  balanced wholly within us, having both as allies as we walk the spiritual path with practical feet. Come learn to walk hand in hand with the Great Mystery,

Fierce Nourishment
Be fed and nourished deeply on every level so you can show up fully in service to those who need you most. Honor the ache to tap into the sacred pulse and mystery of life as well as your own body and the ancient wisdom contained within her.

In these chaotic times we need spiritual practices to ground us so we can stay centered in our sacred work & do what matters each day. Learn rituals and spiritual practices from the world’s wisdom traditions to enhance your personal practice, including hand-tailored altar design for your home.

Caution: This WILL transform your life, sister. Are you ready to be a woman on fire, fully lit up & willing to show it?

"A woman’s initiation includes many moments of crossing a threshold. This threshold is the bridge to our feminine soul, and crossing over is the beginning of becoming."

Sue Monk Kidd, Bestselling Author
You are powerful beyond measure. We're here to help you remember that fact.

You feel the stirring, sister, the restlessness of new life calling out to you to create, to take action, to be BOLD. You are filled with a deep longing for the Wild, yet you’re struggling with the state of our world and the fact that everything seems to be falling apart around you. You desire to awaken to your true power and potential for the good of all, but it feels like too much to accomplish on your own since it's so overwhelming.

You feel the invisible and unnameable force that is brewing all around us, nonetheless. A call to something bigger than you, to something that you know will require all of you to show up fully. It’s almost like the energy of a massive tidal wave, which is producing some intense fear and hesitation, but you know it's crashing onto shore whether you're ready or not...

You know there is more to life than the daily grind you’re currently living in, especially with your fiery passions brewing within that you yearn to bring to life in the world.  Maybe you’ve been the ‘good girl’ most of your life, or the 'misfit' who never quite fit in, or the ‘perfect mother’ trying to do it all, or the one who’s waiting for Prince Charming. Regardless, you now deeply desire to come ALIVE and share your full authentic soul expression with the world. You innately know that you have powerful gifts within you that could help heal the individual and global heart, but where to start?

Begin with us, sister. Come take our outstretched hands. We're waiting for you and want nothing more than to see you ARISE & SHINE in 2017.

There is an uprising, a swelling, of all that we are and all that we’re meant to become in this lifetime. There’s a collective rising of the Divine Feminine, facilitated by deep waves of healing and a multitude of dances with the fire of transformation. ARISE & SHINE are the themes -- the heartbeat -- of the collective experience of being a woman right now. Especially since it's the year of the Fire Rooster, whose medicine is all about helping you Rise & Shine!

I believe that gathering in sisterhood circles and Beloved Community is essential to our ability to do just that, and to join this collective tidal wave of change. Fierce Sisterhood is a non-negotiable right now. We need to encourage, uphold and support one another on our respective journeys to help achieve our individual & collective (r)evolutionary potential. We are complicit in each other's healing & the greater healing of the world at this time. We are here to serve as intricate mirrors for each other’s greatness and brilliant light.

The truth is that we are stronger together, generating and amplifying our energy and social impact.

We are being called to stand up and shed all that no longer serves us so that we can share our full light in service to the world, for struggling souls catch light from other souls that are fully lit up and willing to show it.

I know this is why I was Divinely guided to create the Wild Women ARISE Experience at this most crucial time in human history, especially given the perilous state of our nation.

As Clarissa Pinkola Estes has stated,“Wild Woman is the health of all women.”  Without her we can’t THRIVE. So whether you’re looking to lose weight, meet the partner of your dreams, start an entrepreneurial venture doing your sacred work in the world, or even conceive, the Wild Women ARISE Experience will help you to bring it into being in the world with deep integrity, fierce authenticity, Feminine power and of course, SHAMELESS Sparkle.

Are you ready, sister? We’d love to dream a new world into Being with you and help you unleash your Wild in service to the world.
A 7-month transformational curriculum filled with spiritual teachings, inspiration, sacred tools and practices along with the community support you need each month to be unapologetically YOU in the world and to live into your (r)evolutionary potential.
Monthly 1-on-1 spiritual direction and lifestyle expertise sessions for the duration of the program (including anything from health & wellness to relationships to sacred work & more). Your intention guides our work.
Monthly virtual full moon rituals as well as copious ceremony & rites of passage into our power: a Letting Go Opening Ceremony, Commitment Ceremony, and Emerging from the Chrysalis Final Initiation Ceremony.
8 full-day Urban Retreats aligned around the lunar calendar at #SOULSPARKLE Sanctuary in NYC, with sisterhood, ritual, spiritual direction, Qoya movement, shadow work, depth inquiry, expressive arts, contemplative park walks, nourishing soul food, and more. Dates: 3/26, 4/30, 5/28, 6/25, 7/23, 8/20, 9/16 & 9/17
Most of our retreats will have special guest experts & healers to take us through deep transformational work including Shamanic Astrology, Angelic Breath Healing, creative writing, chakra balancing, and more.

Monthly sacred medicine bundles filled with healing crystals, personalized Shamanic Healing art by Lainie Love, oracle guidance, animal medicine & hand-tailored surprises.

If you hear a YES!!!, then come let out your Wild in service to the world in this experiential and multisensory 7-month initiatory journey, designed as a safe and powerful container where all of you is welcome so you can ARISE and come home to your true self. 

I am a wild woman who sparkles SHAMELESSLY when I unleash my authentic soul expression in the world and deliver my deepest gifts to meet the world's’ deep needs. So are you, sister.

The intention ofWild Women ARISE is to provide a sacred space for your brilliance to be birthed fully so you can feel more comfortable in your own skin, return to your Divine wholeness, and Sparkle SHAMELESSLY™ as a great healing for all. 

Invoking powerful spiritual teachings and Fierce Goddesses from across the traditions, ferocious shamanic animal medicine, and ancient indigenous earth wisdom, we will remember and reclaim our innate wild aspects as well as our true Feminine power. 

There is a need for us to show up now in the fullest version of ourselves and our soul expression -- to be SHAMELESS and fully SOUL EXPRESSED, to SHINE BRIGHTLY by healing the old wounds that have bound us, and to LET GO of all that no longer serves us so we can move towards the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Someone out there needs you. Are you ready to live your life so they can find you?

We women are being called to stand in our full force and fiery feminine power to help heal our individual hearts, as well as our collective global heart. Make no mistake. We are being called to ARISE into our full potential for the good of all.

I'll say it again: “Earth Angels, Goddesses, Priestesses ... THIS IS OUR TIME.”

We are needed, now more than ever, to help heal our world. Come unleash your inner High Priestess, Holy Woman, Fierce Goddess, Shamanista ... and become fully lit up and willing to show it!


A portion of your investment will go towards lifting up our fellow sisters across the globe through Women for Women International. In countries affected by conflict and war, they help the most marginalized women to earn and save money, improve health and well-being, influence decisions in their homes and communities, and connect to networks for support. By developing skills, knowledge, and resources, they are able to create sustainable change for themselves, their families, and their communities.


The Creator of the Wild Women ARISE Experience, Lainie Love Dalby

Lainie Love Dalby
has been called
“a midwife of the soul” by many. She is a classic wounded healer who has become an Embodied Leadership Mentor, Soul Midwife, & Sacred Artist on a mission to free human spirits that have been oppressed and devalued to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY™ & step into their power. As a spiritual thought leader with her own brand of multimedia ministry, which combines style, sass and the sacred, she is dismantling old systems, ideas, and ways of being that promote separateness and limit our full (r)evolutionary potential. She is also deeply passionate about ending the violence we perpetrate against each other and our own bodies by reminding us of our inherent Divinity within. Like a modern day medicine woman, her ultimate goal is to help us feel more comfortable in our own skin and live in greater alignment with who we truly are by unleashing our bold creativity, innate wildness & fierce feminine courage. She is the founder of #SOULSPARKLE, a holistic lifestyle and spiritual development company helping women & the LGBTQ community become leaders of change and co-create their lives as a great masterpiece for the good of all. They create sacred arts education and immersion experiences to catalyze personal healing & transformation so we can build a kinder, braver & more beautiful world together. As global ritualist Barbara Biziou has said, "Like a great sculpture, Lainie Love can see what lives inside of you and frees it to live fully." 

Lainie Love Dalby is the original “out of the box” thinker. She brings passion, excitement and imagination to everything she does. And, unlike many “creatives” she also follows through and grounds her ideas into practical realities. What I love about Lainie most is that she is always pushing the envelope and encouraging me to grow, stretch and become better and better. She does this with an open heart, empathy and a real desire to constantly live her greatness. Like a great sculpture, she can see what lives inside of you and frees it to truly live fully.” - Barbara Biziou, global ritualist

“Lainie Love Dalby is a visionary artist, spiritual teacher and entrepreneur for the new age. Brave, loving and boldly going out into the world to speak her truth, she will help you speak yours! A trailblazing denizen of the heart-centered age, I’d trust this maven of style and consciousness with my wardrobe, wedding and life plan…” - Katie Cercone, artist & new mom

"Lainie Love is a gifted spiritual guru who skillfully leads her clients through a process of uncovering and discovering their unique vision and voice in the world. Lainie nurtures, guides, supports, and affirms her clients in a mystical way that only she can do. Lainie is a transformational change agent - embodying and boldly living out her own call to serve and change the world - as she encourages and inspires her clients to do the same. Thank you Lainie Love Dalby for your wisdom, your passion, your commitment, and for empowering me to step fully into my soul purpose." - Mary Beth Daniels, founder of Soul Celebration Sanctuary

“Working with Lainie is to be the most important person in the universe while her full attention is with you. With her loving encouragement & guiding practices I felt completely safe & open, present to my own greatness, potential, & beauty in a magnified way that I have not experienced with myself alone, or in any group. She guided me to let go of the limiting thoughts that have been holding me back & led me into the most insightful envisioning of my future that I have had. I left feeling deeply heard & inspired to be my unique self in the world.” - Ashlynn Manning, healer & performer

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